workspace_project_imageWho am I? I’ve been and am a lot of things. From my punk rock youth and live fast, die young teenage years to becoming a father, I’ve seen many different versions of myself. I’ve always had a knack for things that are different; for things that are somewhat against the grain. I graduated from college a journalism major with a minor in philosophy. From there, I continued with a pre-existing relationship as a writer and photographer with a famously epic zine in SLC, UT called SLUG Magazine. This allowed me to expand my creative writing skills and especially my music photography. I also began shooting a lot of weddings. All this while working full-time as a booking agent for the infamous Leave Home Booking. I was privileged enough to work with many of the punk rock bands from my youth and learn a great deal about the industry and about responsibility. They were good times, but I felt like I wasn’t living up to my potential or that there was something else out there waiting for me. I uprooted my young family and went back to school for a bachelor of fine arts in graphic design. Thanks to my monumentally inspiring professors, my design peers, my ridiculously supportive wife and a life-changing study abroad program in Switzerland, I was able to work toward what I felt I was really meant to do: GRAPHIC DESIGN. After working with a great team of designers and programers on Utah State University’s Programming and Design Team, I graduated with my degree. Within weeks of graduating, I interviewed for and was offered a job at the up-and-coming Simply Mac. When I began with Simply Mac there were 8 retail locations and when I left, the company had expanded to over 50 locations. Exciting times indeed. As I approached three years with Simply Mac, an opportunity at Investools, a subsidiary of TD Ameritrade arose, and here I am.

That’s me and my story in a nutshell. A very tiny one at that. If you want the condensed version of me, it could be summed up by saying this: I’m a designer. I create. I solve problems. In short, I work everyday to make the world educated on what looks good. Oh, and i drink absurd amounts of Diet Pepsi.