From founder Rachel Nichols: “Mindframe is a unique non-profit movement┬ádedicated to helping those who grow weary from depression and specifically those who become weak from strengthening others who suffer from depression, but have no one to support them in return. Mindframe’s vision and goal is to be that support.”

I created the brand identity, website, business system and t-shirts for Mindframe. It was something of a personal venture for me, because I have people that I care about in my own life who suffer from depression. In the logo, I really wanted to convey that depression can make people feel disconnected and not all the way “there.” Another thing I hoped to convey about the Mindframe organization, specifically through the “brain-heart,” was that the Mindframe movement understood that depression is a real mental illness and that Mindframe is there to offer love and support for those that suffer from and those that are caring for those who live with depression as part of their lives.