Trivium Associates was formed in 2014 by three friends.┬áThe ask was for a mark that was minimalist/contemporary and that would look cool on a hat. They had me at “minimalist” but wanting the logo embroidered on a hat was icing on the cake.

I explored numerous options and variations of said options. Some were more abstract, some less. In the end, the three strikes felt right and fit the typeface just right that I had been eyeing for the project from the beginning. We ended up with three one-color options (black, blue and white) and three lockups for different usages.

  • project_image_TriviumHat
  • Trivium Associates
  • project_image_TriviumCircleBlue
  • project_image_TriviumFullBlack
  • project_image_TriviumFullBlue
  • project_image_TriviumWordBlack
  • project_image_TriviumWordBlue