My good friend Nate “CHAMP” Champneys ┬ádied in a motorcycle accident. In my own way of mourning and as a sign of respect for him and his life, I created a logo for him. I guess it is more of a memorial logo, if there’s such a thing. Later it was made into stickers, then patches and even t-shirts. Nate was a very fun and kind person without prejudice for anyone, which is why he was/is so loved. These stickers and patches have found their way to all kinds of places courtesy of all of Champneys’ friends and family.

He was a huge fan of the band The Misfits and rode with his “Misfit brothers,” in The Latter-Day Misfits, hence the “borrowing,” of The Misfits’ Crimson Ghost…which technically they “borrowed” for themselves in the first place, but has become the iconic symbol/logo for the band which was headed by Glenn Danzig.