When I joined the Visual Design Team at Investools/TD Ameritrade, the team was growing faster than I can drop an ice-cold Diet Pepsi. My manager was creating a brand identity that would inspire and guide us. I suggested making some posters and sketchbooks to push that identity and its values.

Because I’m a design nerd, I ended up paying homage to Pantone® . Here’s why:
The Investools brand is all about color and utilizes bright, full-of-life accent colors. I wanted to make those brand colors overly obvious so people could feel the brand through these posters and sketchbooks. Each poster highlights a different team value or objective and each has a “brand bar” with the accent colors.

The sketchbooks were flawlessly crafted locally by Denik and were an absolute joy to make in addition to the posters. They contain lined pages for notes, blank pages for sketching, an image insert of each poster and brand guidelines in the back.

Here’s a little about Investools from their website:
“Investools from TD Ameritrade Holding Corp. has helped more than 500,000 investors learn the skills and strategies they need to take on an ever-changing market.

Through a combination of in-depth courses, personalized coaching, advanced technology, and a community of like-minded investors, the Investools Method®provides 360-degree support to your investing education.”

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