When I came on board at Simply Mac, the company’s identity was still somewhat new, but cemented enough that people recognized the word mark. Our challenge was that having a word mark on everything, especially small packaging, is not always practical. Not to mention the difficulty in using a word mark for social media profiles and like-minded things that are scaled down very small. We needed a graphic mark that could represent us, while not taking away from the integrity of our current word mark.

I felt that an abstract mark would be best, especially if we were keeping our word mark. My main goals were to include all of Simply Mac’s colors (green, black and white), create something that had a techy/contemporary look and feel, something simple and something that would scale down well and also be adaptable to different mediums. The parallel lines in the mark started as an abstracted “S” and evolved into what they are now. I also wanted to make sure that the shapes I used were complimentary to our Century Gothic typeface used for our word mark. The round shape and the curves of the parallel lines mesh well with the roundness of Century Gothic type. It was important to have the word mark and the graphic mark be complimentary so they could be used in close proximity to each other, look well together and say “Simply Mac” to people whether they had seen our word mark, or were just being introduced to the┬ábrand.